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Fastmail DNS Configuration
Last Updated 5 years ago

Set your MX records to:
  • (first, priority = 10)
  • (second, priority = 20)
If you want email for sub-domains to come to us as well, you need to set the MX records for * to the above values as well.
Some DNS providers require that you put a . on the end of the MX server names (e.g. rather than Try the version without a . first, and if the DNS provider appends anything, try the version with the . appended.
In addition to MX records, we recommend you add SPF and DKIM entries to help ensure deliverability of messages you send from your domain. Once FastMail has detected your MX records are set up correctly, go to Settings → Domains, click Edit on your domain, and all the instructions required to configure SPF and DKIM are shown.

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